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Note reverted to week old version



Background synching on my Mac is set for every 15 minutes. I was working online about 24 hours ago, then worked offline on the plane for several hours. Made multiple changes to one note in particular but a few to others. Came back online but didn't edit anything though Evernote was open on my Mac. (Crossed 9 time zones during this process if that might be relevant.)


Opened a different note on my iPhone, made some changes.


Came back on my Mac and the first note is now reverted to a version from from Jan. 31, 2015, although I had made changes at least 3 or 4 times spread over that week. Other notes (even in the same notebook) still have change dates of Feb 3 or Feb 5, so whatever happened did not seem to happen consistently. There are no recent "Conflicting Changes" notes on any of my devices - in fact the most recent is from 2013. I've looked in the Trash on all devices and see some much older versions of the reverted note although that note has never been deleted.


Was on EN 6.0.5 on my Mac so updated just in case that would fix my note. 


What next? Anything other than signing up for the premium version for a month? And would that actually let me find yesterday's version of this note?


Thanks in advance.



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I'm guessing people are thinking "I wonder how that happened?" and moving on...


It's always difficult to know how notes 'revert' in this sort of situation,  though it may be related (IMHO) to making changes on one device while also being logged in on another.  It may help if you upgrade to premium - you could look at the Note History to see whether the previous versions were recorded,  though if you were making frequent changes that might not be the case - a note needs to exist for some hours (or at least at the right time) before it will be caught by the regular history sweeps. 


I'd suggest that you submit a lost data report by choosing "report a bug..." in the first dropdown after logging into this link > https://www.evernote.com/SupportLogin.action


(If you do upgrade,  you'll be able to use the Chat feature and talk to a tech about this)

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