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move with evernote


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hello I am French and I will be moving soon, how evernote can help me to find a spoon in the box No. 12 of the kitchen? or a shirt that was stored in the bedroom dresser? I would like to create a database of all I'm going to put cardboard for easy retrieval. How to deal with evernote? Thank you all

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Here's one idea:

  1. Number each box, and put the number label in an obvious, easy to see, location on the box
  2. On a piece of paper, or large index card, record
    1. the Box#
    2. Descriptive Title (like Kitchen utensils)
    3. and list the items you put into the box
      1. Make sure you write legibly so an OCR of the list will be good
      2. Even better, if you have your laptop/tablet with you, just type the list into Evernote as you pack.
      3. You could also use the mic input (like in the iPhone) in the EN text Note to create the list using voice to text on your  smartphone.
  3. If you have a hand-written list, scan these lists as PDF file, and import into Evernote, using the Title on your paper as the Note Title.

If you really want to be thorough, you could also take a snapshot of the box contents, and attach to the Note.


Good luck.  Hope this helps.

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There are lots of ways to organize this, but it's perfectly fine to create a Notebook for your move.

But then I'd put each box as a separate Note, with Tags for location/room, like "Kitchen", "MBR", "BR2","FM", or whatever makes sense to  you.


Don't know what you mean by "cardboard".  Is that  a "box"?

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