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Notes disappeared after syncing

Dan Bossler

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I've been using FileThis and evernote to store my bills electronically.  For some reason, FileThis makes multiple notebooks.  I recently discontinued Directv and decided to consolidate all the DirecTv bills into one notebook. 

Since there is no notebook merge, I moved the bill from each notebook to a single notebook.  There were some 50 or 60 notes.  I then deleted the now empty notebooks.


Then evernote started its sync.  I watched as the note count in the notebook steadily dropped until now, there only 8 notes left!


Are they gone forever??  I checked the trash, no joy there.  

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Which notebook did you move your notes into?  It sounds as though the move didn't actually happen,  though if the notebooks appeared empty,  the notes must have gone somewhere...


Check in your Trash Notebook to see if they wound up there.  If there's no sign in trash,  and you don't have a backup,  I'm not sure there's a way to recover these in Evernote.  Would Directv or FT have any backups?  If there's vital information involved I tend to keep backups of backups just in case something like this happens...

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