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Corrupt note?


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I seem to have a problem with one particular note getting corrupted so that it no longer syncs. I want to keep the data that's in it, so I need to somehow get a clean copy of it.

Last time this happened, I deleted the note from my PC desktop version, created a new blank note in that notebook, cut-and-pasted the text of the old note into Notepad, and cut-and-pasted it back into Evernote. It worked for a few months, but now I'm having the same problem. There are no photos or anything clipped from the web; it's just text, with some bold fonts and color in some places.


Any ideas as to how to re-create this file with a clean copy of the text? Do I need to delete the whole notebook, too, and create a new one?

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Hi - always useful to mention whether you're using iOS / Mac / Windows when raising a query,  but in this case it's probably academic - no major issue with creating a 'new' clean note - just export the old one to an ENEX file,  then re-import it.  The export / import process will filter out anything nasty.  Is this a particularly long note?  If so,  it might be necessary to look at splitting it into two,  or at least starting a second continuation note...

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