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[Feature request] Resizable thumbnail to view HD image

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I started using evernote just one month ago, and I find it amazing.

Unfortunately, there's something that bother me. I need to write some notes with really high resolution images, but I don't want them to take all the space available on the screen, otherwise it becomes impossible following a discussion.

It would be great if it was possible inserting an image with a smaller (resizable) thumbnail that you can click to view in higher resolution. This is exactly the same that has been implemented in Gmail.

As a workaround, for the moment, I resize the whole note in a smaller window, so that all the images are scaled to fit it.


Thank you,


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You could always add your image(s) to Flickr and include a link to the pics or the album in your note.  HD images in Evernote use up a lot of upload limit,  and because they're recoded into the database,  they don't necessarily retain their full HD when downloaded.  Flickr retains the full image size and has many more image handling options.

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