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  1. Hi there, I use EN a lot, and one of the most frustrating things that I struggle with every day is the possibility to embed videos in a note. I know, you can add a video as an attachment and play it with the external player, but it's not the same thing. A very common use case is when you're comparing two videos next to each other. Currently, I have to convert the video into a gif and then and I can put them next to each other in a table, and it works perfectly. The problem is that gifs take much more space than videos AND I need to convert them manually every single time. The other problem of videos is that if you have dozens in the same note, as it often happens when you work in video analysis, it is impossible to know which one to open without a thumbnail or a preview. If implementing an embedded video player in EN is too complicated, would it be possible, at least, to show the video preview as a thumbnail? Thank you
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