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Bug: Cannot revert tag deletion by accident.


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Dear Evernote Team,


today I tried to delete a note and my focus was still on a recently selected tab (using version (274061)). Pressing delete-key removed the tag, not the note and I'm not able to recover.

The info which notes have been tagged are lost - looking at the list of changes doesn't reveal which notes were changed.


Is there a way to revert this change? Am I able to detect which notes were tagged before?


Any help is really much appreciated,



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The only way I know would be if you have a backup that you could use to identify notes with the tag that was deleted.  Once the tag is deleted it is gone.

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Is there a way to revert this change? Am I able to detect which notes were tagged before?



cshilling is correct about the importance of maintaining Evernote backups.


Here is another procedure: 
When you click on the tag, you have 3 options. 
  • Remove
  • Delete
  • Rename
Remove will only remove the tag from the individual note, but not remove the tag from other notes.  
Delete will eliminate the tag completely from all notes. Due to the severity of this action, there is a warning notice that says:
Are you sure you want to delete the tag "medicine"?
This will also delete sub-tags and cannot be undone.
There is a checkbox which says:
Do not show this message again, always delete.
I do not recommend checking the box. As you have found out, this message is important and should not be hidden.
A step toward correcting the notes:
Let's assume you deleted a tag named medicine. There is a way to rebuild the tag by using the following search:
medicine -tag:medicine
This will find all notes that contain the word medicine, but are not tagged with medicine.
The list will get smaller as you tag the notes that need medicine. Skip the notes that contain the word but don't need the tag.
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