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Deleting notes

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new so still learning. I have a main notebook used as clipboard/uploading to. From there I can open note and change notebook I want it to reside permanently in. However, I don't want to keep it in clipboard/upload book forever. I delete from it once I've moved to permanent notebook but when I do so it also deletes from permanent book. How can I move a note to a different notebook, keep it permanently there and delete from clip/upload one? I don't want to keep thousands of notes in clipboard.

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Once you "move" a Note to a different Notebook, it truly no longer exists in the previous NB.

Be sure that you are doing a "move" and NOT a "copy" of the Note to the target NB.


You may be confusing the view of "All Notes" to think that it is still in the previous NB.

If you select the previous NB from either the Note view or the Notebook view, then you should NOT find the Note that you have moved.

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Thank you so very much! Yes, it turns out I was opening the sll notes section rather than the all notebook, and completely deleting! Any chance there's a trash section I can recover it from?


You've probably found the trash already... if not, it should be the last "notebook" at the end of your notebook list.

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