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Sync problem

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Hi, I am using evernote on windows desktop, chrome, iphone and tablet. I have tried a number of solutions trying to get all my notes in sync.  

my webpage seems to have more note than windows desktop. what type of notes are not synchronising? 


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Normally all notes should be synchronised and available on any device. Make sure you're using the same Evernote account on every single device, and make sure to synchronise after creating/editing a note, or on startup (to download all the latest changes to the device): it may not happen automatically everywhere.


If so, is it possible some of the notes on other devices exceed the allowance of 60MB of monthly upload? In that case the notes that would exceed that limit will not be synchronised until the next month, and these notes will only be available on the device where you created/edited it.


If that's not it either, I think it would be safe to create a support ticket with Evernote support.

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