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Android: How to duplicate (copy) a note with a PDF attachment

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Using Android Lollipop on a Nexus 6 phone.  I can easily make a "duplicate copy" of a text note, placing multiple copies of the note in different notebooks.  However, when I try to accomplish this with same task a note that has a PDF attachment, Evernote puts up a white rectangular window that says, "Processing, please wait..." with the rotating circle giving the impression that something useful is happening.  However, the message never goes away and a duplicate copy of the note never appears in the selected notebook.  My only option seems to be to hit the back button to kill the process


This seems to be a bug, or am I simply missing something here?


Thanks for any insights you can provide.


Love your products!!


--Peter Montague (pmontague)


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Hi Peter.


Unless your phone has a fast wifi connection,  the difference is in copying a few KB of note vs (possibly) multiple MB of note + PDF,  so if it does work,  the process may be very slow.  It's also inefficient in that you're using your monthly upload allowance twice - once to create the original note,  and again to create its copy.  Unless there's a burning reason to have two identical copies of the PDF file I'd suggest finding a different storage solution - possibly save the file in one of the online storage facilities and simply keep a link to it in your notes.

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