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Using Evernote Offline

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I am new to using Evernote - I have downloaded the program to my computer. 

Currently when I open the program it is asking for user name and password - once i enter that info I am getting a message not able to connect try again later - but I AM online so not sure why it cannot connect....


My main question - I live in a rural area with limited internet access.  Can Evernote be used offline?  and if so how do I open the program for use offline.


Thank you for your help.

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Hi Kathy,


All of the notes you see on your Evernote desktop app are there to view and edit offline. If you're not connected to the internet at any given time... not a problem... when your connection is re-established your notes will sync to the Evernote servers for "safekeeping" and to be available to sync to other mobile device clients. 


On the other hand, if you do not have internet access and you don't have a Premium account, unfortunately, you will not be able to view your notes on mobile devices.


If the program, as you say, is giving you a message that it is not able to connect, then most of the time it is because your internet connection is down. At the moment are you able to surf the internet?


Edit: Duh! What a question! I see you online as I write  :P

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I don't need to be able to connect to mobile devices right now - I'm frustrated at not being able to just open the program - I just keep getting that same message - can't connect to server, BUT when I click "help" online help - it jumps to open a new tab and there I am on a help screen....


Can't I just "open" the Evernote like Word or my genealogy program and then start making notes.  Without a concern if I'm online or off?   Right now it won't open - when I click to open it I get the sign in screen.   :(((((

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for Windows - When I went on the Evernote.com site the download is right there. 

I can sign on to the online evernote and work there, but living in the country with limited internet - I don't want all my time spent learning and dealing with evernote - thus I'd like to do most of my work with it off line.   When I try to open what I have downloaded to my computer, it opens and immediately asks for me to sign in - it doesn't open just a screen asking me to sign in.   I enter my information, that's when I get the message "can't connect to server. please try again later"  and I'm online....


I'm very confused as to why this program just won't "open" and let me write my notes on my computer without being "online".   I'd like to be able to do just that - then when I want to sync to the "onine" storage I can tell it to do that.

Obviously I'm doing something wrong, but am at a loss to determine what that is.

I'm using firefox to connect to the internet, no mobile devices connected, and using Windows XP.


Any suggestions?  or do I just have the wrong understanding of evernote and it isn't going to let me type any notes unless I'm connected to the internet?


Thank you for trying to help me.

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You can work in the Windows EN client whether you have an internet connection or not, as long as you are signed in, which you really only have to do once.  When you are offline you can do everything in EN other than sync with the server.  If you exit EN by using FIle - Sign out yourusername you will have to log in the next time you want to use EN.  So don't close EN that way, just hit the X.  I'm guessing you have never been able to sign in?


Relative to that, there was a security change in the last few months that caused issues similar to yours, the solution is here - https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/71001-getting-cant-connect-to-server-error-message-on-windows-app/page-2#entry312045.  See if that fixes the issue.  


If it doesn't, make sure you are entering your username and password correctly.  Once you do get logged in go to Tools - Options - Sync and set Synchronize automatically to a time frame you like (I use 15 minutes).  This will happen in the background and you will keep your data in sync.  Hope this helps.

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March 2015 Here is the current definitive answer regarding offline use from Evernote technical support.

(Evernote Support) - That is correct.


Me - So if I leave the US to fly to Asia on a 20 hour flight and by chance do not have Penultimate open before I board the plane, I cannot use the program to work on board?


(Evernote Support) - Yes that is correct,   If you consistently close your apps, I recommend being wearying when going offline to make sure you either keep penultimate open or before going offline login to PenUltimate while you still have a network connection.


Me - Are you telling me I must be logged in when I lose the connection in order to continue using it offline? So for example if I have closed all the apps on my iPad, which I do regularly save battery, and subsequently board a plane I will not be able to open the app and use it during the flight because I have no connection?


(Evernote Support) You would need to be logged into the service before going online. If you are going to use the app without a network connection make sure you login to the app before you disconnect from the network. Then you can use the app and once you're connected to a network again it will sync the notes you made.


Me -How do Ii use the program when i have no internet connection?

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Simple. Then do not close your apps as you regularly do before before boarding a plane to "save battery". Neither should you log out. Technical support was clear about that. It would not make sense for you to be "frustrated by Evernote" when you're trying to intentionally go against the flow.


BTW, that is not the "current definitive answer regarding offline use from Evernote technical support". That is misleading to say the least. You're only talking about Penultimate... and there are many more scenarios and factors to consider for offline use of, say, the Evernote clients themselves.


Your question: "How do I use the program when i have no internet connection?"... Just log in and keep your app open. You don't need internet connection to keep an app open or stay logged in. Didn't you know that?


It can't get any clearer than that. That must have been a frustrating experience indeed for the person in technical support. 


It's a pity that your first post here is way off mark, especially since it aimed to be quite a statement.

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