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Feature Request: Filters in Atlas

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The Atlas feature could be useful for maintaining lists of places to visit, as well as keeping records of places already visited. One could use it to plan an upcoming trip, keep a bucket list of places to go around the world or restaurants to go in the neighborhood.  

It would be helpful if I could select one or multiple notebooks as source of the notes to be visible in the Atlas, and then use my tags to filter the notes I want to be visible. This would allow advanced features like opening the map of New York City, selecting a couple notebooks, i.e: "Restaurants" and "Museums", and then apply a filter tag "Not Visited Yet" to plan an afternoon in the city.


The desktop app already supports selecting one notebook, a notebook stack or all notebooks as source, as well as filtering by tags. I imagine all that is remaining is a user interface to enter these options in the Atlas screen. Shouldn't take much and would make the app much more useful.

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I tried tracking location with the longitude and latitude but found it too confusing. So I developed my personal system.


For the past 6 months, I have been logging sites around the USA to visit and dropping them into my Tourism notebook. Each note includes at least two tags (a state tag and a region tag). I divided the USA into 6 major regions. 


So when I want to see the big picture for places to visit in New England, I use the search

notebook:Tourism tag:region01


And when I want to drill down and find all my sites Maine, I use the search

notebook:Tourism tag:Maine


After I visit a site, I add a completed check box.

To review the sites I have seen in Maine, I would search for

notebook:Tourism todo:true tag:Maine

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