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 Evernote doesn't have tabs... BUT you have several possibilities, among which you could:

  1. Drag each note into the Shortcuts list and order them however you wish. You could also show your Shortcuts in the toolbar as opposed to the left panel, which would then mimic a group of tabs.
  2. Open up multiple instances of Evernote Web in your browser, with a note in full-screen mode for each tab. You could even enact Kanban that way.
  3. Double click on each note in the note list which will open each note in it's own window. Then hover over the Evernote icon in your toolbar at the bottom of your interface in Windows to see a selection of multiple notes. 
  4. Create a temporary Table of Contents note for a set of notes and navigate back and forth using that note and the back and forward arrows at the top left of your EN interface.
  5. Give a reminder to each note in a set of notes and they will then appear in the Reminders list where you can order them as you wish and access them quite easily on both mobile and desktop.
  6. Tag each of the notes you want to access and enter that tag context. Each of your notes should be easily accessible in the note list.


It matters little whether you go back and forth between notes. Each of them will save automatically as you exit a note or hit save to exit, depending on your platform.

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@Frank.dg - you missed one:  create a temporary new notebook and move the notes you need into that.  Select the notebook and you'll have a nice neat list of all notes to work from,  plus any new ones you generate.  At the end of the session,  link them all with a common title or tag,  and move back to the main notebook.



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Or... *if* you got your default "Inbox" down to zero beforehand, that could be the temporary notebook whereof @Gazumped did speak. How do you feel about clearing out your Inbox notebook each and every time you want to use it for your working session?  :P


Or... more realistically, you could create a "Working Session"/ "Work in Progress" notebook and do exactly as @Gazumped outlined above. Also, pop that notebook into shortcuts for easy access. One of the advantages of that scenario is that you can also share your Working Session notebook with others if you wish. The other great thing about @Gazumped's suggestion, as he pointed out, is that you can easily generate new notes in that notebook. When you create a new note while in a tag context (suggestion #6 above), your new note doesn't automatically get tagged as such. 

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