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Image quality



Dear All,

in Windows version attached images to notes are good quality, I can zoom in and see every detail.

Instead, when I see on Samsung Galaxy S4 the image is "pixelated". How can I solve this issue?

Thanks in advance

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Hi.  What's the definition level of your desktop screen?  The S4 (according to Google) has a 1920x1080 screen which should be more than enough to display the full benefit of an HD picture.  However Evernote could well make some compromises in the mobile app to shorten download times - HD pictures tend to vary between enormous and huge which could take an age to load. They may have built in a 'thumbnail' option to keep things moving.


Are you loading the note over a normal network connection?  You could try putting the picture note into a specific notebook and marking that notebook for local storage.  Then stay close to your wifi until the note downloads completely onto your phone.  Assuming you have enough local storage,  that may give you access to the full-res version...

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I've also seen comment that HD pictures stored in the database are converted to lower resolution by Evernote - again,  I'd guess,  for storage and transmission pruposes.  Evernote may not be a good place to store pictures if quality is an issue.

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