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Notebook ordering



When you start to search for a notebook, evernote seems to look for all the notebooks containing the phrase typed anywhere in the name, then sort them alphabetically. This gets really annoying and unintuitive sometimes. For instance, I have two notebooks, one named "Physics" that gets a lot of use, and another named "Bibliography". So bringing up the notebook menu and typing "phy" followed by enter will put a note in the Bibliography notebook rather than the Physics notebook. It would be really nice if sensible notebook names were prioritized. 

(I'm running Evernote 6.0.5 on Mac OS X 10.10.1)


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The search parameters were changed relatively recently and searching for character strings rather than whole names has thrown up some issues.  This may be addressed at some stage in a future update,  but meantime workarounds rule - I'm sure you've thought of renaming the notebooks to something like "Phys" and "Biblio" or prefacing the name with a number in the order of popularity like "01_Physics"... (you get the idea) then 01 should pop up only that name.

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