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Multiple monitors - remember which monitor after restart



Currently I have Evernote on my second monitor and my spaces set up so "Displays have separate spaces". If my mac crashes (happens quite a bit with Yosemite) or I simply restart my mac, Evernote reopens automatically but always on my main monitor - I want it to remember to open on the second monitor. Not maybe apps remember the correct monitor but its seems like it should be possible as Apple Pages does this correctly.


Not sure if this forums is the best place to post this but I can see an obvious place to post bugs for Evernote?


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Hi - there are Facebook / Twitter / LinkedIn and Evernote.com links for feedback,  but this forum is probably as good as any.  I'm a Windows user with three screens,  and EN Windows does pop up on whatever screen it was closed from if they're connected (it's a laptop docking setup).  Which is pretty much irrelevant,  but maybe encouraging...  Staffers do read these posts,  so it'll go on a 'to-do' list somewhere...

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Thanks Gazumped. So just as an additional point. If evernote is on my second monitor, I then discount that monitor and then reconnect it later (with out my mac restarting in between) then Evernote will open on the correct screen. Its only after a restart that it forgets where its supposed to be.

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