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Error importing enex file

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I have used Evernote since 2008 and been premium since 2012. After a problem with my registry file (Windows 8.1), I started to have troubles with syncing my tags. In other words, half my tags had disappeared online while they were still on the desktop.


So I thought I'd create a backup of my notebooks as .enex files, delete all online tags, rename the notebooks online and then import my exported notebooks.

I even copied the folder itself of my Evernote files. I also cleaned out all local caches etc.

A foolproof solution, I thought.


To my absolute horror though, all went well up to the point where I wanted to import my .enex notebooks, where I encountered the following error:




On the positive side, it seems I still have all my notes because I did not delete those online.


But it does mean that I seem to have lost each and every tag I ever created...... please tell me this is not so.


Is there any solution to this? Or should I contact support directly?

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I would contact support to see what can be done to import those ENEX files.  If that can be done, and you checked the tags box in Export Options, you should get your tags back, at least those included with the notes in the ENEX files.

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Thanks... do you think Evernote could restore a backup of what I had yesterday? That would work too I guess. I'll contact them, thanks again!


Edit: oh my word! I just tried again and this time my import did go through all the way! It might have been a case of "impatience" haha, well... I'm certainly not complaining :D




The only thing is that my nested tags are gone but that can be remedied very easily. Thanks again for taking the time to reply!

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