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Nested business tags





We recently signed up to test Evernote as a possible cloud replacement for our server-based document management system. We need to set up several hundred tags that fall into a tag hierarchy, but I cannot see that this can be done under Evernote for business (only personal).


Doing some preliminary research on this issue shows me that this issue was raised as early as February 2014 and we are now almost a year later. Can anyone tell me if this feature is implemented yet. If not, is there any real push to get this feature implemented or is Evernote for business ceased development? 


It confounds me that this feature was not migrated from Evernote personal as business would need it even more than individuals to have any hope of organising the tags that would be needed to run a business effectively.


Any help appreciated. Thanks



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Business accounts don't yet have nested tags,  though it is a much-requested item.  Evernote famously don't (usually) comment - although I have been wrong before - on development plans or likely release dates,  so I would say you're unlikely to get anything official on this.


Tagging has been a hot subject with personal accounts too - shared notebooks import all their 'home' account tags into the user's notebook,  which can clutter up the receiver's display chronically.  The reliability of syncing changes between two or more accounts though has been an issue;  showing tags from a shared account can be erratic - and difficult to stop once the sharing is closed;  and I don't think nesting works either.


The reason that nested tags are missing may be that Evernote hasn't developed a reliable way to make that work yet.


On the other hand Business users have more notebooks to split obvious departmental divisions,  and the search function in EN works well enough that some users (including me) have essentially one notebook and very few tags (although I'm still on Premium).  Explanatory titles and keywords in the text work superbly well.  ID codes like customer numbers and supplier references are unique enough that all notes in one or other class can easily be found with a saved search - which is only a tag by another name,  except that a tag can be forgotten whereas an account code is always quoted in forms and correspondence!


I'd suggest that nested tagging is a workable-around issue;  you might want to compare other aspects of the package for shortlisting purposes...

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