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When you start the app for the first time, it won't let you use the app until you click next on a screen which lists a bunch of suggestions including singing up for premium. When you do so it says you have signed up for premium and the only way to cancel is the website. It then refuses to give you access to the website saying it's not allowed to be used on Android.

There is no tech support, only this forum.

Who is interested in getting up a petition to have the app kicked off the Play store?

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Hi - I'm sorry you had a bad experience,  but you may be overreacting.  I don't recognise much of what you describe - it's been a while since I set up a new account from the Android App.  But are you sure it was the Evernote.com service you signed up to?  The reason I ask is:

  • Evernote doesn't require that you have a premium account.  There are tens of millions of 'free' users.
  • No-one can collect money from you without credit card or bank details which - if you completed them - should have given you a warning what you were getting into.
  • Agreed the website isn't available on mobile - help is built in to the Android app menus.
  • Tech support is available -  go to Settings and Support in the Android app.  The Contact Us link is in the bottom right corner.  You can sign in if you have an account,  or log in as a guest.  Under 'What can we help with?' choose "Payment or Billing Issue" from the drop down options.
  • This is the user forum where - as I hope this answer demonstrates - you can also get help if you ask for it.

If you do submit a support request,  you'll get an email back with a ticket number.  If you post that number here,  we can get an Evernote employee to look into what happened and make sure you aren't charged if you don't want to be.


If you have any more questions we'll be pleased to try and help...

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  • You're saying you haven't used the current version of the app, and then claim that it doesn't work the way I described - how is that valid? Go install the app and then make statements about it

Yes, there is a way to bill people without a credit card - Google Play and iTunes both do this through cellphone bills. I've never seen an app that doesn't collect payment info up front so it seems reasonable to expect this to happen

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