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Android App doesn't save changes

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Normally I write notes on the computer with the Evenote-Program and not on any of my Android-Items.

But sometimes I have to do it and for long time, it worked.


But now, the changes won't be stored.

My actual Version of Evernote-App for Android is on a phone and on a tablet with Android-version 4.4.4 KitKat


After open to write and make the changes I tap to the Button 'Fertig' -> Language-version German -> a popup tell me 'note is saved' but there is not safed, not in the cloud and not on the tablet itself.


A similar problen I found by check and uncheck different checkboxes:

In earlier versions, the saving to the cloud was working without to set the note in edit-mode. Now it's never saved.


Is this a problem of app or a problem of rights or something?

What can I check or post to find a solution?


- diwoma

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This suggestion will lose you any notes you may have stored on the Android that are not synced to the web server.  Try exiting Evernote and uninstalling / restart the device / reinstall the app.  Log in with the user details for your account. This will clear any caches that might have become too full / corrupted and -hopefully- give you your 'saved' option.  (Clearing out the caches also removes any notes that may have been saved but have not synced.)

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