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e-mailing notes not working

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What's actually the problem here -


You can't find the menu command to share the note

You can find the command but using it does nothing

The person you're sharing with doesn't receive an email



-and what OS are you using;  Windows / Mac / iOS etc etc..

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I used to be able to email a note to anyone, but now I cannot even find the icon to be able to do so. When I click Share, it brings up a completely different set of choices, none of which are to email the note. It seems to default to the chat function and requires the recipient to sign up for Evernote to be able to view the note. Is this Evernote's idea of progress? In fact, now I can't even find the "trash can" to be able to easily delete a note. What's going on here??

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Okay, I found my own resolution/answer. I'll just say that Evernote did a helluva job hiding the ability to email a note. There is no icon in the note itself for emailing, so now you have to right click on the name of the note (in your list of notes) and select "More Sharing," where the last of the choices is "Email Note." Maybe someone found an easier way, but as far as I can see, this is it.

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If you're on the latest Windows client, you can tap on the drop-down arrow icon sitting in the same button as the Work Chat icon... There's an email option right there...


When you hover over the share button the whole thing is highlighted... but the curious thing is that there are in fact 2 distinct possibilities: if you click on the Work Chat icon to the left... it opens Work Chat and attaches the note you're viewing to the chat you'd like to initiate... if you click on the drop-down menu arrow to the right, you'll get a share menu, including "Send by email" and "Copy share URL" which gives you a public link for that note.  






If you're on Mac, keep in mind that they recently gave us back this option on Windows desktop... so it may be on the way ;-)

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