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2015, New Start & a Clean Slate

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Personally I don't have the need to archive anything, because presumably one still needs to access the same information you had in 2014 and previous. Some people do, however, like to archive tasks. When I used Evernote for task management I simply deleted tasks that were done. If you feel the need to archive them, I'm sure many others on the forum will give you advice as to how to go about bagging and tagging your tasks you need to get out of sight and out of mind (but may need for reference if the need arose). 


I do use a 3rd-party Evernote journaling app called vJournal. It takes care of things for me by creating a "My Journal" Stack with notebooks for each year... and notes for each day of the year you make an entry.


Are you specifically talking about tasks... or EVERYTHING?


Happy New Year!

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