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How do I stop sharing on my Mac desktop?



Evernote posts a line above some of my notes that says I am sharing them with one person. It also says this for every new note I write. I do not know who this person is. When I try to stop sharing, "Permissions" says that I am not sharing the note with anyone. How can I delete this person with whom I am apparently sharing notes without my permission?


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So the notes I have for a Mac are:


Control click on a notebook and select 'Manage Sharing…'. 
You’ll see a list of the people you’ve shared the notebook with and what permissions you’ve given them.
You can stop sharing with a particular person by clicking the X.
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After a little experimenting, the answer was very close to the one you suggested.

Find the folder where sharing occurs. Mine was the default "No Folder" for all new notes.

Right click on that folder. Choose "Modify Sharing." 

Find the person with whom the sharing is occurring in the list and click the X.

Confirm the deletion.

It'd done! Hallellujah!

Thank you for your help in getting me started.

Happy New Year.


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