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how should "evernote free" users file report of problems with KB articles?

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With users of Evernote Free now relegated to "self-support" and directed always to "the community" for help, how would we get word to Evernote folks about a problem of outdated/incorrect info with a knowledge base article? Would we post it here, and hope that someone in the community would be connected in such a way as to get the info to someone within the EN team? It's just not clear if these forums are read by EN folks as well as "the community".


I do wish there was some provision for an easier way to report KB (or web site) issues even as a free user, without having to resort to filing it as a "community request". I wonder how many other folks (in this situation) would just skip bothering, for not knowing how to report something (and not wanting to bother to ask this question here). BTW, I did search the forums for [web site issues] and found all manner of results but none were at all related to how to file a report of web site issues (even when I used ["web site" issues]. Of course, I did not included the square brackets. That's just to clarify what were search terms.)


Just trying to help.

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