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Evernote touch


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Evernote touch, I have seen in one post, may be just an experiment for Evernote?

The software looks great but clearly needs developing. 

The interface is vastly better than the standard Windows version. Vastly. It really looks like next generation computing. 

Make it easier to display the toolbar at the bottom (font, bold, italics etc.), easier to import pics etc. and Evernote touch should take off.


I'm using E. touch in conjunction with the classic Windows version, because in the latter, pasting images is a doddle.

No loss of data experienced so far - fingers crossed. 


Can we get a clear-cut response from Evernote as to whether they intend to continue supporting E. touch?



Many thanks



Guy Cruls


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Hi.  Touch is just a reduced-feature set version of the main app.  It does need further development and (all together now) "Evernote are (normally) notoriously unforthcoming about future plans and developments."  They haven't yet withdrawn from any OS and I'd be very surprised if they started,  especially with an OS that is -very gradually- gaining support.  But they do have 100M+ users,  the vast majority (I would guess) being on different OS's.  Spending a great deal of time and effort to upgrade Touch doesn't seem to be cost effective for them - yet.

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