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Feature Request: Sorting Options Customization on Desktop Note List Toolbar

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It's kind of a mission on desktop (particularly Windows) to switch from one sorting option to another:


Most people frequently sort by "Date Updated" + "Reverse Sort Order". Now when one wants to sort by Title in ascending order, one needs to do the following to achieve that, (on Windows desktop) I kid you not:

  1. Tap on Sort Options menu
  2. Move the cursor down to "Sort notes by" to access that context menu
  3. Select Title
  4. Click on the Sort Options menu a 2nd time
  5. Once again, move the cursor down to "Sort notes by" to access that context menu again
  6. Uncheck "Reverse Sort Order"

No less than 6 actions to switch the sorting one way... and then the same to switch back. For possibly 2 of the most commonly used sorting options. It gets extra tedious when one wants to switch back and forth frequently.





On Mac it's a tad easier - just 3 actions. But still, one has to scan a list to choose the sorting option desired. When one sorts by Title, the great thing about Mac is that there is a separate sub section for Alphabetical/ Reverse Alphabetical Order. Your selection sticks the next time you switch back to Title. 





Likewise, on Mac, when one sorts by Date Updated, there is a sub section where your choice is set the next time you return to Date Updated (Most Recent to Least Recent/ Least Recent to Most Recent). A lot more intuitive this way.





  • On mobile device, it's 2 actions either way. Tap. Tap. Can't complain there. Title automatically sorts in ascending order. 


  • The Web client seems to be way more intuitive in that at least it gives you the option with one click in the context menu to sort by Title (Ascending) or Title (Descending). 




It would significantly speed up our workflow on desktop (especially Windows) if one could customize the Note List tool bar by being able to drag at least two to three sorting option preferences there (create icons for them). There's tons of space there. That would be more intuitive and a heck of a lot less monotonous. Either that, or allow us to customize the context menu itself (Mac is half way there). It would be such a breeze to change back and forth between our most common sorting option preferences on desktop by 1 simple click at the top of the note list. Pretty please!!

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In the meantime in Windows one could:

  1. Ctrl - F5 for list view if not already there
  2. Click on title once or twice depending on sort need
  3. Ctrl - F6 for snippet view

Almost a 50% productivity improvement.  Just sayin' .....   ;)

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Thanks Cal. I've been perfecting my "quick draw" for the last 15 minutes. :D


I thought it would be a hassle... but once one gets over the learning curb, keyboard shortcuts do help somewhat. If I slide my "Date Updated" and "Title" tabs over to the left in List View, they're where I expect them to be for quick access. Only thing is that when you reverse the sort order by clicking on whichever category, you have to scroll to the top of the note as an additional action.  :o

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