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Launch at Windows Startup


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I'd like Evernote to automatically launch when I start up my computer (Windows 8.1). I've enabled the "Launch Evernote at Windows login" option (see attached image), but Evernote doesn't open automatically -- I have to open Evernote manually.


Am I not understanding what the the "Launch Evernote at Windows login" option is supposed to do? Is there a way to automatically open Evernote when I power up my computer?


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The option should work,  and may even have done so without you noticing;  what you get is a pre-loaded Evernote icon in the system tray.  Clicking that will open the full app.


If you don't see the icon - as a variation to the basic 'switch it off and then back on again' fix - have you tried DEselecting that option and File > Exit quitting Evernote,  then signing back in and re-selecting it?


There's also the Windows Startup folder - if you drop an Evernote shortcut into that folder it may start the full app with Windows (haven't tried it myself.)  If you want to go this route,  do a search for the correct method of adding items to Startup for your version of Windows - if you haven't done it before it's not just drag and drop...

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You're correct gazumped -- the Evernote icon is in the system tray. I wasn't sure if "Launch Evernote at Windows login" was supposed to launch the program or not.


I've added Evernote to the Windows Startup folder -- which is the functionality I was looking for -- so Evernote now launches when I turn my computer on.


Thanks for your help.

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