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  1. Awesome, thanks CalS. Problem solved. I had my terminology wrong -- it was a saved search I used in the previous version of Evernote. Turns out my saved searches transferred into the new version. They're no longer at the bottom of the navigation menu so I didn't know where to find them. They're in the search drop-down.
  2. I just upgraded from Evernote v6.x to v10.12.5. I used to have a saved filter to view all notes that do not have a tag applied to them. I don't see a way to filter notes with no tag in v10.12.5. Am I missing something or is it no longer possible to filter by 'no tag?'
  3. I'm a bit confused by the support ticket system. I opened a support request that Evernote responded to, but the issue is unresolved and I'd like to continue the conversation on the support request I opened. Do I just replay to the email I received from Evernote that provided their response to my support inquiry? Thanks to anyone who can provide some guidance.
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