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  1. I have now... uninstalled and reinstalled and that took care of the problem. Thanks for the suggestion.
  2. When I use the web clipper on my iPhone (IOS 8 and IOS 9) is always creates 2 notes that are exactly the same. Any ideas why this is happening?
  3. I just discovered that Reminders do display in the Notification Center if I haven't opened Evernote since the Reminder arrived (i.e., when a number badge appears on the Evernote app icon on the home screen. The problem I have is that if I'm unable to address the Reminder immediately it's easy for me to forget about it because it doesn't remain in the Notification Center.
  4. I'd also like to see Reminders displayed in the iOS Notification Center. I want to integrate Evernote more into how I planning/scheduling my time. Reminders are a great feature, but their effectiveness is somewhat limited for me because they don't integrate into other iOS features that I use to check my schedule.
  5. Web Clipper for Windows (Chrome and Firefox) has a limited width in the drop down menu for displaying tag names. Many of my tags are too long to display fully, making it difficult to find the tag I want to apply to the clip. I'd love it if complete tag names were displayed. Brian
  6. I had issues with Web Clipper in Chrome and ended up re-installing the old Web Clipper. Here's a link provided by an Evernote employee to download the old Web Clipper: http://t.co/hjJ0Gsnn0H (Above download link was provided in this thread: http://discussion.evernote.com/topic/42123-any-way-to-go-back-to-old-clipper/) Even with the old version, I still find that Web Clipper in Chrome isn't as reliable as in Firefox. I find Notes clipped in Chrome often have messed up formatting (e.g., elements of the web page are misaligned or cutoff). I often open Firefox to clip a web page... a bit of a hassle. My browser versions Chrome: Version 30.0.1599.66 m Firefox: 24.0
  7. Thanks BurgersNFries for the good idea about adding a comment to a Note after it's been Web Clipped. I make a habit of writing "comment" in the Add Comment text field when I use Web Clipper, but occasionally forget and was frustrated with not being able to add a comment at the top of a Note. If anyone is interested, here are instructions to add comments to your Note so it's formatted just like if you added the comment using Web Clipper: Export, Add Comment, Import Note (These instructions are for Evernote 5 on Windows Desktop) 1. Right-click the note you want to export in the Note List and select "Export Note..." 2. Select "Export as a file in ENEX format (.enex)" and click the Export button. 3. Open the .enex file you just exported in preferred text editor (like Notepad or Notepad++ - don't use Word). 4. Locate the <en-note> tag near the top of the Note. There may be other code in the tag, so it could look something like this: <en-note style="word-wrap: break-word; -webkit-nbsp-mode: space; -webkit-line-break: after-white-space;"> 5. Copy and paste the following code immediately after the close of the <en-note> tag: <div>comment</div><div><br/></div><hr/> So, this is what you'll end up with (again, there may be additional code in the <en-note> tag): <en-note><div>comment</div><div><br/></div><hr/> 6. Save the file. 7. In the Evernote menu select: File > Import > Evernote Export Files... Locate the .enex file you edited, select it and click the Open button. That's it, you're good to go. There will be a place for your comments and a divider between your comments and the Clipped Note.
  8. I'm a bit confused by the support ticket system. I opened a support request that Evernote responded to, but the issue is unresolved and I'd like to continue the conversation on the support request I opened. Do I just replay to the email I received from Evernote that provided their response to my support inquiry? Thanks to anyone who can provide some guidance.
  9. Well... my enthusiasm after uninstalling/re-installing Web Clipper was short lived. I continue to have problems. It just crashed on me and isn't functioning correctly when it isn't crashing. Guess I'll install the old version and wait for things to get smoothed out.
  10. I feel your pain - it's frustrating. However, this is the only problem I've ever had with Web Clipper. I'm not sure what issues you've experienced. I can't imagine it will never get fixed. I'm just going to be patient - I'm sure Evernote will get it figured out soon.
  11. Inari, you may want to open a support ticket to let Evernote know uninstalling and re-installing Web Clipper didn't solve the problem for you. Since re-installing myself I got the error message once, but have been able to use it successfully several other times.
  12. Here's the response I received from Evernote explaining how to fix the problem with Web Clipper for Chrome. The instructions for navigating to Extensions isn't correct (for the current version of Chrome on my Windows machine). But it's just a matter of uninstalling, then re-installing Web Clipper. --- We apologize for any inconvenience you're having with our Chrome Extension. To correct it, please perform the following steps: *Please click the "Wrench" icon in the upper right-hand side of the Chrome Browser, then select "Tools->Extensions" *Select the "Evernote" Extension and click "Uninstall" *Restart Chrome. *Visit [this page](https://chrome.google.com/extensions/detail/pioclpoplcdbaefihamjohnefbikjilc) to reinstall the Chrome Extension. Note: Please ensure that Third Party Cookies are enabled, (at least for evernote.com), or our Extension will not work properly.
  13. I'm having the same issue with Evernote 5 for Windows. I submitted a support ticket explaining the issue I'm having with Web Clipper in Chrome.
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