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Disappearing Note - WTF - it's Completely vanished!

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Today for the first time ever one of my noted disappeared. Vanished. Gone! 


This occurred when I was trying to share the note with a client (after I set her up on Evernote and raving how wonderful it was!)


I'm not sure if the CHAT sharing had anything to do with this. Can anyone offer any help what may have caused the disappearance and how I can avoid future occurrences. 


Many thanks

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I just had this same problem occur.  I can see my notes on my iPhone, but they have disappeared from my Mac.  I can see the snapshot of the note in the window pane.  After some period of time, the note will also appear in the window to the right when I'm in card view.  However, if I double-click the note and open the note, it's blank????

I do not have chat enabled, this is just on my laptop.


I'm freaked out...I have a lot of notes.

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Hi both


@Zelda - it's always helpful to know which version of Evernote you're using - Mac / Windows / iOS / Android and in the case of Mac - which version of Evernote - 6.?


@Jerry - not exactly the same problem,  but same question;  which version of Mac?

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Thanks for the reply.


My system info


Macbook Pro Late 2011, Version 10.10.1, OS X Yosemite

Evernote Version 6.0.5.


The note was about a month old - it contained clipped images and text. I was able to share it with my client who had just started on Evernote and

she actually received the note.  Within 5 minutes the note disappeared from my Evernote in the Notebook where I'd stored it, and from my iPhone and from her Evernote she'd just started. 


My iphone is a 4 software Ios 8.1.2 up to date. 


I've just checked and all software and apps are up to date. Latest Evernote updated within last 30 days.


The 'Email note' function I was previously using on my notes is no longer available  - which is annoying.  And I've got to say I'm not a fan of how Chat works with sharing notes. Not smooth like it was before. Now it's confusing to both me the sender and the receiver of the notes. 

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Email note does still exist - check under Note > More Sharing (It got moved...)


Tacfully - did your client have editing rights on the note?  'Cause I'm thinking that a keyslip or two at their end might have caused some damage..


If you can,  it would be good to share another note the same way with a colleague or another email address of yours and do a bit of destructive testing to see if the client can possibly cause that much damage.  If so,  that's certainly worth a bit of feedback to Evernote in case they didn't catch your post here..

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@Zelda--To clarify a bit further--the note is no longer in your Work Chats? When you share a note via Work Chat, it is appended to that chat (and kept in its current notebook). Is it no longer available, even in the chat? Could the note have been moved to another notebook at all? Usually when a note goes missing we suggest first checking Evernote Web (to make sure it has been successfully synced to the server), that trash is checked (in case it was deleted), and that you conduct a general search for the note.


If you just shared a single note (and not a notebook) it makes sense that your client would no longer see the note, unless they opened it again in Work Chat. The shared note only resides in Work Chat for the recipient, unless you have shared a notebook with them (or they copy the single note's content over to their own Evernote, creating effectively two versions of the same note). 


@Jerry--this issue sounds like a recent problem we've had with the Mac App Store version, and should be resolved in the latest release of Evernote for Mac, 6.0.5.

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