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Issues with sharing





We've started trying out Evernote as a way to coordinate during QA, but we are having trouble when sharing notes. We started off by sharing a notebook, then creating a note for a QA session. However, when one of us edits a note and moves on to other work that note is locked. This is very frustrating when someone else needs to update the note.



  • Is there a way to "end editing"?
  • Are we going about this the wrong way?
  • Is there a better (premium?) way of sharing notes?


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There's no way to 'end edit' if the note is locked,  but that shouldn't be a problem unless the note is still open on someone else's device.  If the note is updated and synced it should become available for the next edit.


Have you tried the new Work Chat feature to permit quicker exchanges of information?



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