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Incrementing font size makes all the text the same size, or: Somehow, the new Evernote for Mac makes the lack of a zoom function even worse

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So we're all annoyed at the lack of a zoom feature, but on the old version I'd get around it by increasing all the text in a document by hitting Command-Plus. But the new Evernote for Mac (while otherwise excellent) makes this more difficult to do since it makes the text size of all selected text the same.


I like having headers on my documents to keep them organized. So, I add a chapter heading and some text:




So far so good. Now let's select the text:




Alright... now let's do Command-Plus to up the font size.




What? On the previous version, it would increase it incrementally, making the header a bit bigger and the text a bit bigger. Now incrementing the font size makes all the text the same size, so I lose the text size formatting.


After leaving Evernote years ago for its unpredictable text editing, I came back hoping things would have changed. They did, mostly for the better, but new bugs have cropped up in the process. I hope this is a known bug.


- Evernote 6.0.3 (451151 App Store)

- OS X Mavericks 10.9.5 (Thanks JMichael for reminding me to add these stats)

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