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Sharing Notes/Work Chat


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Sharing a note in Evernote used to be simple and awesome. Now with Work Chat, when I try to email a note, it goes through Chat. My recipients, who used to get a beautiful note, now get error messages that say: ""Can't open note. Either you need permission to access or the note was moved," Why is Evernote forcing me to use the unwanted Work Chat? And why cannot I not email notes anymore??

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Thanks for your response. I am now convinced that this was an episodic bug. Yesterday, no matter what I did or throubleshooting I tried, EN (Windows desktop version) would not allow me to send via the traditional email method. It tossed me into the new Chat feature no matter what I did. Today, email functionality has returned.


As with many things in the digital world, I cannot explain it. But it seems to be working now, so I don't question it.


Thanks again.

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