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    Thank you for confirming the obvious. Evernote should provide a warning that it will not work without a continuous connection to the web. Products evolve as they grow, but Evernote's culture has evolved in ways far afield from its beginnings. By the way, you are incorrect about two simultaneous devices. Evernote requires you to pick the two devices on which you choose to access Evernote using the desktop software.
  2. Mitch

    Lost Note

    I lost 4 hours worth of meeting notes that I took in Evernote Web, apparently because Evernote will not save content that is generated while offline without a wifi connection. During the meeting, I did not have wifi access. I took notes within an Evernote note window that I had previously opened. When I got back to a wifi connection, I edited the note and assumed the note would be saved. I was wrong. If anyone has any suggestions for recovering this content, please let me know. This problem is a direct result of Evernote's new pricing policy and 2-device policy, which prevents me from using Evernote for Windows on my laptop. If Evernote will not save my work, it is obviously of no use to me. Although I have been using Evernote lightly since its inception, it is clearly time to find an alternative.
  3. Thanks for your response. I am now convinced that this was an episodic bug. Yesterday, no matter what I did or throubleshooting I tried, EN (Windows desktop version) would not allow me to send via the traditional email method. It tossed me into the new Chat feature no matter what I did. Today, email functionality has returned. As with many things in the digital world, I cannot explain it. But it seems to be working now, so I don't question it. Thanks again.
  4. Sharing a note in Evernote used to be simple and awesome. Now with Work Chat, when I try to email a note, it goes through Chat. My recipients, who used to get a beautiful note, now get error messages that say: ""Can't open note. Either you need permission to access or the note was moved," Why is Evernote forcing me to use the unwanted Work Chat? And why cannot I not email notes anymore??
  5. Thanks for that information. But I should not have to jump through so many hoops to get a simply printout from EN. Your suggestion is a good way to get what I want, but EN should fix this problem. Thanks again.
  6. Here is another request for this feature. Not being able to print the list view (or other views) is simply on oversight.
  7. The Android app is a nice step forward, especially for those of us using the Android mobile platform. However, it is bloated and needs to be trimmed down. The Android app is unreasonably large,especially for us space-challenged G1 users. At 3.50MB, it is the second largest app on my phone, behind only Google Maps/GPS Navigation, which is a significantly more complex app. I cannot fathom why it must be so much larger than apps like the Browser (1.31 MB), USAToday (1.8MB), Places Directory (0.92 MB), and Gtasks (512 KB). Even the bloated Facebook (2.24 MB), Where (2.78 MB) and Weather Channel (1.97 MB) apps are significantly smaller. A similar application that I use, Upvise, which, like Evernote, places user-created online content on your phone, is a slim 552 KB. I am not a developer or coder, so I may be all wet about this. If so, feel free to let me know. However, compared to other apps that seem to perform similar functions, the Evernote Android app seems to large. Mitch
  8. To Dave Enberg: Dave, I am hoping EN will produce an Android client. As you suggested I tried both the IMAP and mobile EN options. Although I was able to confirm during the setup process that the IMAP connections were properly working on my G1, I could not get it to download anything due to an unspecified connection error. I also tried the mobile EN and found that severely lacking. There is no support for tags/categories in the viewer or any ability to sort by date, etc. It is just a great big list of all notes. If I am missing something here, please let me know. But because it looks like Android is going to be a big part of the mobile future, I hope EN will look to developing a EN app. Thanks for all your efforts! Mitch
  9. Here is another vote for an Android-Evernote app to run on the G1! Thanks!
  10. At this point, I do not plan to use the new web synchronization function. Aside from the current inability to prevent certain notes or notebooks from being uploaded to the web, I would not consider taking advantage of the sync function unless it had more alternatives than full synchronization. In particular, for me, the options need to include (1) sync desktop to web, (2) desktop overwrites web, and (3) web overwrites desktop. These options are basic to most other synchronization programs, such as all Palm device software and backup/sync programs such as Sync Toy, Yahoo Autosync and Intellisync.
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