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Prevent Main Evernote window from appearing when using keyboard shortcut to create new note

Bob Loper


Every time I use the global 'create new note' keyboard shortcut, the main Evernote window appears, then the separate note window on top of it. 


There's no reason for the main window to appear, it is not useful in this scenario.


I've tried closing the main window vs minimizing it, but it still pops up whenever the keyboard shortcut is used.



It's pretty annoying to have to close the main window every time I create a new note...  For now I just keep the main Evernote window open on it's own desktop.  This prevents it from opening on the desktop I'm currently working on, but I prefer to not have an additional desktop just to make the main window behave!



Is anyone else bothered by this behavior? Do you have any other workarounds?





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