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Manipulating Evernote - learning how to program the elephant?

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Hello gang, 


My relationship with Evernote is a rocky one (three years and counting), and most recently I decided to leave EN entirely to try and seek other solutions within the Google Apps. I learned a lot of cool "tricks" while I was away, but I feel this system too has it's drawbacks, and there's room only for one love-hate relationship in my life.. .So I went back to Evernote. 


There are a few things I would love to see Evernote doing, but probably won't happen. I decided to check out just how realistic it would be to program Evernote, one way or another, to do what I want it to do. Even if I fail, it would still be an interesting (and useful) introduction into programming. I figured. 


Here is a quick rundown of things I'd like to work on: 

  • Color for the notes in the snippet (not the note itself) window: I love color and I sort by color. Lack of color has been one of my biggest issues.  
  • Additional hot keys in web view for Evernote, like for inserting a picture, inserting a link, etc. 
  • Offline storage for Evernote - so the site can read notes that are saved offline vie the web app. 
  • Dynamic Google Drive/Dropbox - Evernote integration: so when I change a document on Google Drive, it changes on Evernote. This should also work with attachments, so the latest attachment is replacing the old one.

How hard would these be to do? What is your general consensus about this?

From experience, and if you have trick to achieve the above, please let me know! 

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