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Is there a way to uninstall or rollback an update?



Is there a way to remove an update or reinstall older versions?


I use evernote simply to share notes accross devices.  I liked some of the older versions better and would like to go back to a simpler time.

Especially on my Android phone, I hate the new update.

I think i figured out how to turn off updates so it won't keep happening.



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I'm on version 6.0.3 for the Mac, and have a few issues going on. The worst one right now is when I have left pane showing Card View, I can see the previews of each note, and their corresponding images. But when I click on the card to view it fully, it takes almost exactly 1 minute for the note to display. I did this on 3 notes, timed them, and it always came out to 1 minute. It's slowing me down quite a bit.


I don't have this issue on the Android app.


Might there be a fix in the works?



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Hey Kevco!


I'm having exactly the same problem. This is really annoying the ***** out of me. I thought the latest update was supposed to make things a lot "smoother".  Starting to feel like every other Mac update I've been avoiding. Did you guys, Evernote, decide to start following the Apple Biz model. Tell me that you your update was tested across all OSs (viz. Mountain Lion, etc) before you rolled it out. There's a reason why some of us don't update to Maverickes, and the Yosemites every year. 




One very unsatisfied "Premium" customer.

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Hey Dan,

This seems to be an issue with just the version coming from the app store. If you download directly from Evernote, the issue is resolved (though the experience is a little different).


This advice sorted me out.  

  • Downloaded from Evernote website directly
  • Opened the *.dmg file, which opened up the App drag-to-install window
  • After dragging I was warned that there was a newer version of the app already installed, but I said to proceed anyway
  • The UI looks like an SLIghtly older variant, but now my load time problem on notes is completely gone.

Thanks Kevco!

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