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Which edits trigger a reupload of PDFs?



Lets say I've created a note in Evernote, consisting of just a PDF. The note has been uploaded to the Evernote server and indexed.

Later on I want to add a number of entry to this note. Unfortunately, Evernote has no general usage text metadata field.

So I could do one of the following:

1.) Misuse the creator field to enter the number of entry

2.) Add the number of entry in the body of the note, either before or after the PDF.

Does either of the 2 workflows trigger an reupload of the whole PDF to the Evernote server, aka eating up another several 100 kb of my quota just for adding a number?


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We will only upload a PDF file (or any other embedded image or attachment) if you edit that attachment itself. So if you have a 10MB PDF in a note, and you edit the title of the note, the the GPS locations, and you type a little bit within the body of the note, we'll only send up the metadata and note body ... we don't re-transmit the embedded files.

If, on the other hand, you right-click on the PDF and Open it in Preview/Acrobat and add some annotations there, when you Save that, we'll need to send this new PDF up to the server on the next sync.

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Thanks Dave,

so I'll use the body of the note to add text to a PDF note.

3 related questions:

What does happen, if I use Evernote's combine notes command? Will attachments be re-uploaded or just linked to the combined note?

What if I drag a PDF note between synced notebooks?

And what if I drag a PDF note from a synced notebook to a local notebook and later back to a synced notebook?

Will either of these trigger a re-upload?


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If you use the "Merge" operation, that will create a new note, and put the old notes in the Trash. This new note will count against your upload allowance.

If you move a note between synchronized notebooks (or into the trash and out again), it will not count against your quota.

If you drag a synchronized note to a local-only notebook and then sync, the service will remove that note completely from the service. If you then drag it back from a local notebook to a synchronized notebook, it will need to upload that as a new note to the service, which will count against your allowance.

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