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Help Evernote is frozen.



I am using the most updated version of the Mac App Store Evernote. I just opened the program and it is completely frozen. I tried to check disk permissions and reboot and that did not work. When I open the program it goes to full screen and when I try to click on anything my mac makes that you can't click on me sound (Not sure what it is called).


Anyways my Evernote is totally unusable. Any help would be appreciated. 

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So it appears it is stuck in full screen mode and has some kind of an alert stuck behind it.

It will only open in full screen. When you hide the program the alert hides with it. When you gesture up to hide the full screen apps you can see it during the animation.

If you hide an Unhide the program you can read it. So I am not sure how to fix this. It's a pretty ufly glitch.

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Update: I went into the terminal and killed anything that was open tied to Evernote. I then rebooted the system. The application still opens in full screen and then traps an alert about a note that I removed. The alert causes Evernote to freeze completely. I am completely utterly frustrated with this.


FYI: I am using Evernote version 6.0.3 on a Late 2013 Macbook Pro Retina 13" i5 8gb of ram w/ 256gb ssd running Mac OS X 10.10.1

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Even though EN Mac 6.0.3 Mac App Store has been released that is supposed to fix many of the Ver 6.0 issues, it appears that many issues remain.


At this point I have lost confidence in all EN Mac App Store versions, and recommend that users switch to the Direct Download version.  The latest is Evernote Mac v6.0.3.


Many of us have long preferred the Direct Download version as its benefits seem to far outweigh the delays and issues associated with the Mac App Store versions.


Jackolicious, on 07 Dec 2014 - 9:52 PM, said:


Sandboxing (in the Mac App Store) is currently causing some very strange note-loading errors. As far as we can tell, these don't exist in the direct download version. 

The code-base between the two binary types is the same if the version numbers match (currently 6.0.3 is in both direct download and app store).

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It might, leaving a copy that was used by the AppStore until you are comfortable that all your Notes are setup OK under the Direct Download structure.  You could check now and note where your Evernote AppStore folder is located, and then check after the switch to see if it is still there.  See Location of Evernote Data Folder for EN Mac  


It takes more effort, but if you want to do a clean reinstall, see How to Completely Remove and Reinstall EN Mac 



So if I switch to the direct download version will it not create 2 different note databases on my drive? 

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I ran into the same problem where my Evernote starts in full screen and made any popup inaccessible. I found this workaround in another forum - close/terminate Evernote, disable all network connection, re-start Evernote, this time you should be able to exit from full screen, re-enable network connection, and now when the pop up appears, you can act on it.

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