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More of a Detailed Outlined

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I'm slowly figuring out how Evernote can used in almost everything I do.


Something that has been bothering me for awhile is why there is not an option to outline notes with more detail? One has to choose between bullets or numbered which is not enough for those who outline speeches and the like.


There is a need for more detailed note taking option, preferably with roman numerals or better yet give the option to the user to create their own multilevel list.

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I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but I think the chances of Evernote implementing advanced outlining features anytime soon, if ever, are very minute. But, staff do read all forum threads and by posting, you have officially made a feature request!

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A stronger outline capability has been requested for several years. I share Wordsgood's view.


So, my method is to use WorkFlowy.com and copy the appropriate outline portion into Evernote.

  • WorkFlowy gives me more outline options.
  • Evernote, along with other programs, gives me multi-device capability.

I find bespoke software to be more useful than one central depository that tries to satisfy all the different users.

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