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Unable to Tag notes uploaded under earlier version of Evernote for Mac



I recently upgraded the Evernote version on my Mac to 6.03.  When I did the upgrade I had a couple dozen pages of notes from my Livescribe note books that had been uploaded but that I hadn't gone back and reviewed or tagged.  Now after the upgrade when I look at any of those notes, they have a closed lock icon and I am unable to add tags as the software returns an error message stating that the notes were created in another program and should be edited there.  Notes and recordings that I have uploaded after the upgrade are behaving normally but basically I have lost a significant amount of functionality for about 6 weeks worth of notes and recordings! 


I am very interested to know if anyone else has encountered this problem and/or developed a workaround.


Any assistance is greatly appreciated!


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I'm really just guessing here,  but could you export the rogue notes to ENEX files and then re-import them without damaging any Livescribe connection?  It would be an idea to copy one of the affected notes and then export/ import it to see whether that strips out whatever coding is causing the problem.  If not,  you could try Livescribe support as well as Evernote support to see if there's an official fix...

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I will try that, thanks. This is very frustrating, I didn't find anything beyond "reinstall" in the knowledge base. I can still tag the notes on my android phone but not on my computer. Clearly this update was really sloppy! It's a shame ti muck up what was previously a really slick product.

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