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Rebuilt database size

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I've had to revert to Evernote for Windows 5.0.2 because of the syncing/start-up crash problems. I've rebuilt my database from the servers and the number of notes etc seem to tally with the old database, but the new database is 900mb smaller than the old (1/3 smaller). The support engineer I've been corresponding with says that rebuilt databases can vary in size and he thinks that I'm probably good to go, but he admits that is rather a large discrepancy. Has anyone else had a similar experience, or any advice for relatively quickly checking for any lost data before I commit fully to the new database?


Many thanks!  

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Did you have any local notebooks?  They're stored on your hard drive and not backed up to the server,  so could explain the missing MB.


Other than that,  I can't think of a way to do a check,  except maybe (very impractically) to load your old data into one off-network machine and run it alongside the new version on a different computer.  For the moment I'd suggest you get on with the new database,  but keep the old backup (assuming you have one) for the present.  If you find any attachments are missing,  or notes are blank,  if Evernote can't recover the data then you could -very carefully- restore the original database to get important data back.


I had a 12GB+ database that restored to 11.something,  so some compression is to be expected.

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