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Search Again/Next facility?

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I wish to know if there is a facility to move to the next available instance of a search result within all notes returned via a keystroke, e.g. a function key or key combination. Ctrl-G will take me to the next occurrence of the word or phrase within one note, but not to the next note. I wish to simply keep tapping the relevant search again key or arrow to move through the content of each note until I get to the one I want. If I have several multi page documents returned on a search enquiry,  I currently have to go to each one and search it internally. That is too slow.


I came to Evernote from Info Select (which is lightning fast) on the PC because of the cross platform feature and this is the only problem I have at this stage.

Have I missed something?

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It might be slightly quicker and less inconvenient if one were able to merge a set of notes (for the purpose mentioned in the OP - i.e. searching all instances of a search result - but within a merged set of notes) and not have Evernote send the individual notes to the trash. 

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