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Short answer:  No, for TEXT highlighting.


At least not using the EN UI.  It is possible to paste in text that has been highlighted in other apps using different colors.


EDIT:  Clarification


As mentioned by Frank (below) you do have options for highlighting images and other attachments (like PDFs).

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If you're using the annotation tools, you can highlight images and PDFs in multiple colors with the highlight tool.


You can take screenshots (to annotate) which should also get OCRed, so the text in the images is searchable. I do this for select use cases. 

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I think the OP was focused on text highlighting. So you gave the gist of it JMichael. ;)


Interestingly the Web Clipper behaves exactly the same:

  • Text highlighting in "Simplified Article" mode is yellow.
  • Taking a screenshot opens up the same Skitch Annotation tools, where we get a variety of highlight colors.
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