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How do I get rid of duplicates in the note column on my Mac



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There's no official way to search for duplicate notes.  It's possible to view All Notes in List view and  sort by title and then scroll down,  deleting any duplicates along the way.  For more than a few dozen notes this may not be very practical.  In most cases it's enough just to delete any duplicates if they're found during a normal search.  Existing notes have already used up their share of the upload limit so beyond shrinking the hard drive footprint and search result lists,  there's no great incentive to remove them.


These instructions worked a while ago,  not sure with new updates going through whether they will still do so,  but if you're really keen to eliminate any potential duplicates try this -

  •     Go to all notes in list view, click on a note and then Select All the notes
  •     Copy all the note information in the columns
  •     Open Excel
  •     Paste, match destination formatting
  •     Sort by title
  •     the note list information is now in Excel where you can quickly find dups.
  •     Copy/ paste titles from Excel to then EN search bar if you want to find and remove them.
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