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6.0.3 Note sync overwriting changes!



1. I pulled up a note on IOS and made a single line edit.

2. ! later pulled up the same note on Yosemite 6.0.3 


The 2 pages of edits I made in Yosemite an hour before were overwritten entirely by the single line edit I made in IOS. 


Common guys, this is basic stuff,


What isn't broken?

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Evernote syncs changes back to the server with the 'latest edit' having priority.  Could you see your 2 pages of edits via iOS when you were editing an extra line?  If so,  that's a problem and needs reporting via the Support link (see below);  if not,  it may be that the prior edits hadn't been synced back to the server and the one-line edit in iOS (without the unsynced change) became the latest version.  It's always important to sync both before and after any edits (or updates).

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The OSX client is not syncing the way it used to so the notes are almost always stale on the IOS client. I've been using this product for years and now it's quickly becoming a net negative. The more things I look at the more it scares me to death.


You guys are now playing dumb in public and it's not working, acknowledge the issues and give a timeline or dont, its your business not mine,

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