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Feature Request: Email to specific notebooks

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At the moment, Evernote supports one mailadress for sending notes to one Notebook, most likely the inbox.


Wouldn’t it be great if one could set mailadresses for any Notebook and send mails to them based on rules in the mailclient? The addresses can still be randomised, mine at the moment goes along the lines of <username>.g6387m@m.evernote.com.


We just need more addresses per user. If you want, make this a premium feature.


From my point of view this shouldn’t be too hard to implement as most of the work in the backend is already done.

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If you want to email to a specific notebook, you need to include @notebook (existing notebook) in the subject line.

You can also add an existing tag (#tag) and a reminder by including an "!" in the subject line. 


If you use the web clipper on desktop, you can clip an email to Evernote within your Gmail account and choose a notebook destination from the dialogue box.

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Well... setting up/ automating multiple "mailaddresses", as you suggested (if that were ever an option), would require fiddling. And then you may never use them. You can't escape the fiddling. You could always download your emails and pop them into an import folder set up for a specific EN notebook on Windows... or you could just remember to add @[whatever notebook] to the subject line of your outgoing email... or you could clip the email from Gmail with the web clipper. It can't get any simpler  ;)

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