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  1. YES YES YES! So many threads on the subject. Not the slightest peep from EN. Annoying as hell....
  2. In my opinion, a knowledge-sponge like EN can be judged by two metrics. a) how easy is it to get stuff into it? (=writing, styling, importing, tagging) how easy is it to get stuff out of it? (=search) Denying the combination of an OR with an AND is unfriendly and just making hard for anyone that doesn't have a single-hitword search. But as is seems, the pain is not big enough.
  3. Hmm Automation gets a little bit trickier if I also need to fiddle with the subject line and not only with the mailaddress, but thanks for the hint, this might work.
  4. Hi, vertical space is scarce because by going from 4:3 to 16:9 or 10, we lost vertical pixels in relation to horizontal pixels, or put another way, we didn't gain any vertical pixels while screens got wider. If you have a few saved searches and a few tags, this doesn't fit into the vertical space I have at my disposal on my notebook screen. So being able to choose to have one on the right, the other one on the left would be great flexibility. I don't say it would have to be mandatory to have two sidebars for everyone. EN just should give us the possibility to choose.
  5. At the moment, Evernote supports one mailadress for sending notes to one Notebook, most likely the inbox. Wouldn’t it be great if one could set mailadresses for any Notebook and send mails to them based on rules in the mailclient? The addresses can still be randomised, mine at the moment goes along the lines of <username>.g6387m@m.evernote.com. We just need more addresses per user. If you want, make this a premium feature. From my point of view this shouldn’t be too hard to implement as most of the work in the backend is already done.
  6. Many threads on the forums mention Evernote’s search capability. While a singular AND or OR is possible, more advanced logic is not possible, as well as search multiple notebooks in one go. Most tips go for intermediate tagging of search results, and then search for that tag plus other criteria. As a networking-teacher of mine once said: You might be able to drive backwards up the on-ramp of a highway. But just because you can doesn’t make it a good idea, or that you should do it. Most threads also end in "why don’t you enter a feature request, folklore has it that there’s someone from Evernote reading every post” and I wonder, why nobody does. So I do ;-) This is not about one specific search that I’m stuck with, but a general request for better/boolean search, e.g. ( notebook = “recipe” OR notebook = “drinks” ) AND ( ( tag = “lime” OR tag = “lemon”) AND tag != “orange” ) All drinks and meals containing very sour citrus fruit, but not the sweeter oranges. I don’t want “Duck à l’orange” or some research for houses in Orange county. But I want a Gimlet. Can we get enough people behind this to make Evernote feel the need for this?
  7. So far the customisation of Evernote works pretty well, but on a notebook screen vertical real estate is a very scarce resource. I therefore am asking not only for a left sidebar/pane for Notebooks/Tags/Notes/Premium/…, but also for a right pane. And that I can choose myself which part I want to display on which side. Saved searches on the left, tags on the right? You got it! Notes on the left, notebooks on the right? Sure, have it your way! This would make many workflows much quicker. And if someone doesn’t want to use it, it doesn’t get into their way because they can still have everything on the left. How realistic is the possibility of this getting implemented? thanks for the good work on 6.0 on the mac. yes, I like it!
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