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Evernote 6 Mac - search result sorting intermittent



I have my search results sorted by title.  Each note is prefixed by a date, e.g. [20141205].

After this upgrade - now EN 6.0.3 I have seen that the search results do not get refreshed as fast as previous versions.


Right now I have changed the date of a note, it should be resorted to the end of the search results.  After a few minutes, it is still sitting there, out of order.


Sometimes the re-sorting of notes happens almost immediately - almost like before, but not quite as quickly in my opinion.  Many times it can take quite a fe seconds before it re-sorts.  The delay of minutes is no unusual.


The same also happens if I change a tag that results in the note not meeting the search criteria.  Most times it will be removed, but sometimes it will linger.


The only workaround I have is to do another search and then go back to the original search.


Is this a known issue?

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Thanks for your reply Michael.


Sadly changing that option did not resolve my issue.  It seems that when it stalls it re-sorting this search results I can sometimes encourage it to do a re-sort by editing another note.  Though that can make it a little confusing.


Anyone else have this issue?


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