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  1. BUG: Removing tag from note does not update list of documents using that tag I have a tag called "#DONE". I add this tag to notes after on a regular basis during the day. I have this tag as a shortcut on my sidebar. After upgrading to 6.0.6 yesterday and leaving it to reindex overnight I find that adding this tag to a note will increment the counter next to the tag on the sidebar. However clicking on the tag on the sidebar does not show that note in the list of notes with that tag. Also, removing that tag from a note will decrease the note count for the tag but does not remove that note from the list of notes with that tag. The note appears in the list of notes for that tag but the note obviously does not have that tag now. I general there seems to be a major slowness (i.e. it hasn't happened yet!) to when the lists assigned to tags are being updated. I have other examples of saved searches that are out of date too. Am I just being impatient in only waiting a day before the reindexing is complete?
  2. Same problem here too - the list of recent Notebooks has ones that I have not referred to since the upgrade and yesterday it reset to a completely random selection of Notebooks and took most of the day before it refreshed itself to something more meaningful
  3. Thanks for your reply Michael. Sadly changing that option did not resolve my issue. It seems that when it stalls it re-sorting this search results I can sometimes encourage it to do a re-sort by editing another note. Though that can make it a little confusing. Anyone else have this issue?
  4. I have my search results sorted by title. Each note is prefixed by a date, e.g. [20141205]. After this upgrade - now EN 6.0.3 I have seen that the search results do not get refreshed as fast as previous versions. Right now I have changed the date of a note, it should be resorted to the end of the search results. After a few minutes, it is still sitting there, out of order. Sometimes the re-sorting of notes happens almost immediately - almost like before, but not quite as quickly in my opinion. Many times it can take quite a fe seconds before it re-sorts. The delay of minutes is no unusual. The same also happens if I change a tag that results in the note not meeting the search criteria. Most times it will be removed, but sometimes it will linger. The only workaround I have is to do another search and then go back to the original search. Is this a known issue?
  5. Are there any plans to fix this? Where does it fit on the development schedule? I can't recall what version I was using before I upgraded (it was whatever I had downloaded from the Mac App Store). So I guess yesterday was just a bad day for me. Not only did I get all the issues of a ".0" release but also a few older issues that I had missed. Off to rework my workflow (again) ... sigh.
  6. I upgraded to EN 6 a couple of days ago. I have just upgraded to 6.0.3 and this problem is still present. I have a number of saved searches that are in the format Notebook:<notebook name> any: Tag:<tag name> Tag:<tag name> (That is, any documents in this specific notebook that have any of these tags) These searches now all return the notes that are in the specified notebook OR have any of the tags. I also tried doing the same thing manually. Search for <tag> returned 462 documents. Search for <notebook> <tag> returned 403 documents (so 59 documents not in <notebook>) Search for <notebook> returned 2954 documents Search for <notebook> any: <tag> returned 3013 documents (include 59 documents not in <notebook>) Adding another <tag> on the end jut makes the error worse These searches were working fine until I upgraded. Has the search syntax with ANY: been changed?
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