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Upon update all notes to Mac trash?

Bobby White


Maybe this is a feature request? I'm not sure. But I would like an explanation as to why whenever I apply and update to Evernote it has to dump all my local notes into my local trash on my Mac. This doesn't seem so secure and I sure don't like it. I'm on my work computer and have to empty the trash. I have over 6,000 notes at this point and it takes over an hour or more to delete. Meanwhile my system slows way down. And these items in the trash are also being backed up by our system administrator which I don't like. 


Can someone explain the good reason behind this process? I feel most apps today can update the app itself without copying and then deleting all data. 


Thanks so much,


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Hi Scott,

I may not have all the language right. Every time (for as long as I can remember) when I am offered an Evernote update - I open Evernote and get a prompt saying an update is available and would I like to Install it and I think it says, restart the application or something like that - I always say yes. The installation is always quick and the app restarts and everything is as it should be. But then I have ALL of my notes in the trash on my Mac (not in the Evernote Trash). I assume it's all my notes cause the numbers are about right. When I look in the trash, it looks something like "Evernote (451140).app" like it's just the old app to delete, but when I go to empty the trash it shows that there are over 6,700 items to delete from the trash and takes sometimes a couple of hours. In the meantime, my computer is slow, slow, slow. This happens on my work laptop and on my home iMac desktop. And has for as long as I remember. I hope that helps. I'm happy to capture something else the next time it happens if you tell me how. I was just frustrated this morning cause I can hardly work right now. I often stop the emptying of the trash to do it later - meanwhile I'm afraid my data is all in there and not so secure (or private at least). Hope that helps answer your question. 

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Thanks for clarifying, I definitely do not have an answer for you, but your extra detail should help other users and staff who might pop by. 

I too see the evernote application itself (Evernote (8490923).app) but the emptying usually only takes seconds (assuming my trash isn't otherwise filled with my....trash). 


I suspect this might be something Staff have some insight on. Perhaps it is worth opening a support ticket, if you are a free  Premium user (YIKES too much coffee.... or not enough). 

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One extra bit of information I forgot about - and I bet this is it - I use "Secure Empty Trash". So... maybe that's why. I couldn't find a post about Evernote & Secure Empty Trash, but I found many posts about Secure Empty Trash emptying thousands of files people didn't think were in their trash. 

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Ah, ok, so that does change things a bit. For example, if a lot of things get deleted over the course of a day, especially if they are databases or versions of databases, or applications that contain a lot of stuff inside the app container (that .app file), even if the trash has been "insecurely" emptied, and appears empty, when you go and Secure Empty, all those files that don't appear in the trash and have been "insecurely" erased, are now being dealt with. 


In most cases .app containers and databases will contain MANY files. 


So, it might be worth thinking about what has passed through the trash between secure emptyings. This could make it appear as if there is a slew of Evernote notes, unseen, being deleted. 


In general I see no reason why Evernote should ditch the entire local copy of the database at an upgrade time. First, that would require a lengthy initial sync again. Second, most updates result in a "migrating database" dialogue box, which wouldn't be necessary if it was building a fresh new database. 



That being said, I'm really just speculating here. i'd contact support anyway to be totally sure, and I'd keep an eye on what passes through the trash. Definitely look out for library files/databases/.app files (NOTE I haven't seen Evernote.app itself result in a large number of files deleted upon secure emptying the trash, but others have. I am at a loss for which ones I recall this being true for...). 

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Not really. Evernote asked me if I had a spinning hard drive or not. I told them I have a MacBook Pro. They asked what model. I gave up at that point. (But here is the info: MacBook Pro (13-inch, Mid 2012) Processor 2.9 GHz Intel Core i7, Memory: 8 GB 1600 MHz DDR3). They also said they have not received any other reports of this. It's crazy. No other time does this happen to me. This takes literally hours and hours to dump my secure trash every single time Evernote is updated - sometimes stretched over days. The trash only shows the .app in it until I go to empty it and it's thousands of files and renders my system unusable while it tries to dump them. I assume these are all of the old notes or something since the update "upgrades" the notes. I have resorted to changing back to the normal empty trash just for this task. Takes seconds, but isn't as secure. It's weird that they can't figure out why this happens. Please put in a ticket if you have this experience because I am supposedly the only one. I'm a Premium account holder. Thanks for asking!

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